Arbor Formula Snowboard


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Product Highlights:

  • All mountain snowboard
  • Recycled steel edges
  • UN3 progressive sidecut
  • Butter glassing
  • Bio-film

About Arbor Formula Snowboard

Key Features of the Arbor Formula Snowboard

  • All mountain snowboard
  • Recycled steel edges
  • UN3 progressive sidecut
  • Butter glassing
  • Bio-film
  • 4X4 8-Pack inserts
  • Mission core
  • Rhythm walls
  • Fusion base
  • Lightweight
Arbor Formula Snowboard
The Arbor Formula Snowboard is a good choice for beginner and advanced snowboarders. Its design makes it extremely easy to ride on any mountain you visit during your snowboarding holiday. An ideal board to learn and grow into it. The Arbor Formula Snowboard provides the lightest weight performance, with a max stance of 24.4 in. The bio-film and hi-gloss film is 30% bio-plastic, replacing biologically harmful clear coats. It comes with UN3 progressive side cut or grip tech, that is designed to deliver unblended tri-radial, better turning, initiation and stability. The Mission core is a unique composite, with 20% reclaimed wood fiver to give the board more strength and softer-flex performance. The edges of the board are manufactured with 60% recycled steel to create a more durable snowboard. The Arbor Formula Snowboard is a perfect match to sharpen snowboarding skills, from beginner to advanced levels, in any snow covered mountain that crosses your path.

Arbor Formula Snowboard Features

  • 4X4 8-Pack Inserts - provide the lightest weight performance and affordability, max stance 24.4"/62cm
  • Bio-Film - hi-gloss film, 30% bio-plastic, protects top while replacing biologically harmful clear coat
  • Butter Glassing - a biax over biax lay-up that's designed for fun all-mountain cruising, great to learn on
  • UN3 Progressive Sidecut - (Grip Tech) unblended tri-radial, better turning, initiation, stability. See The System
  • Mission Core - a unique composite with 20% reclaimed wood fiber; value, softer-flex performance, and strength
  • Rhythm Walls - an advanced blend of ABS and urethane; deliver durability and a clean, acoustically damp ride
  • Recycled Steel Edges - max edge durability and performance; made of hardened steel, 60% recycled
  • Fusion Base - a tough, user-friendly extruded base that's light and easy to repair

Arbor Formula Snowboard Specifications

152cm: 59.84", 155cm: 61.02"
Effective Edge
152cm: 45.51", 155cm: 45.57"
Tip Length
152cm: 8.34", 155cm: 8.42"
Tall Length
152cm: 7.95", 155cm: 8.03"
Waist Width
152cm: 24.9", 155cm: 10.11"
Tall Width
152cm: 11.45", 155cm: 11.57"
152cm: -0.8, 155cm: -0.8"
Reference Point Width
152cm: 21.25, 155cm: 21.25"
Sidecut - (Inches)
152cm: 330.70"/295.27"/330.70", 155cm: 334.64"/299.21"/334.64"
Available in the Following Sizes:
152 cm, 155 cm
Rider Weight - (lb)
152cm: 112-192lbs, 155cm: 118-198lbs
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