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Storm Whistle


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Product Highlights:

  • All-weather whistle
  • 120 dB decibel rating
  • Loud sound
  • Surface or underwater signaling
  • Underwater audibility up to 50 ft.

Storm Whistle Features

What's in the box: Storm Whistle

Storm Whistle
The Storm Whistle is a great and useful accessory for divers and rescue teams alike! It comes with the ability to produce a loud sound which draws significant attention from as far as 0.5 miles away. Designed to enable a unique sound to be heard underwater from up to a depth of 50 ft., the product could literally prove to be a life-saver! With a rating of 120 dB, it is about 75% more powerful than other safety whistles on the market. A patent-pending harmonic chamber makes sure that water does not enter the space that produces the signal-noise, enhancing this whistle's durability. You can find the product in multiple attractive colors so that you can spot it quickly for use in an emergency situation. The Storm Whistle is the ideal choice for protection on the high seas!

Key Features

  • Storm Whistle:
  • All-Weather Safety Whistle
  • Loudest Whistle on the Market
  • Surface or Underwater Signaling
  • Decibel Rating of 120 dB
  • Heard Underwater, Up to 50' (15.2 meters)
  • Heard as Far-Away as 0.5 mile (805 meters)
  • Power Rating Over 75% Greater than other Referee and Safety Whistles
  • Used by: Diver's, Navy Rescue Boats, Boaters and Search & Rescue Teams
  • Heard-Clearly Above Noisy Howling Wind and Virtually any Competing Sound
  • Crowd Noise or Roar of Loud Engine won't Overpower-the-Sound of the Storm Whistle
  • Patent Pending Harmonic Chamber
  • Made in the USA
  • Multiple Colors