Wipe-Away Pain for Fire Ant Sting

Wipe-Away Pain for Fire Ant Sting

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Product Highlights:

  • Medication with cooling effect
  • Fire-ant first aid gel
  • Pain/swelling relieving ingredients
  • Neutralizes venom and poison

Wipe-Away Pain for Fire Ant Sting Features

Wipe-Away Pain for Fire Ant Sting
The Wipe-Away Pain for Fire Ant Sting is an effective, relief-providing gel. It comes in a easy-to-travel-with pack that weighs only 0.1 lb. Just 2/3 oz. of the gel will provide you with instant relief from insect bites and stings. This gel works on stings from a variety of critters like mosquitoes, chiggers, black flies, sand flies and spiders. It efficiently reduces pain and swelling, and prevents further discomfort. It neutralizes the venom and poison from vicious fire ant stings. This gel contains ingredients that particularly helps to reduce pain and swelling from fire ant stings with the use of an effective venom neutralizing technology; the Sea Sting formula. It acts as analgesic, anesthetic and anti-pyritic that brings down any fever. Get instant relief from bites and stings with the help of the Wipe-Away Pain for Fire Ant Sting.

Key Features

  • Fire Ant First Aid Gel
  • Powerful Cooling Medication
  • Neutralizes Venom and poison
  • Reduces Pain and Swelling
  • Relieves Pain from Mosquito, Chiggers, Black Flies, Sand Flies and Spiders