Natrapel 8 Hr Mosquito Repellent, 3.5 oz (103.5 ml)

SKU: AQUNMR3 MFR: 0006-6870

Product Highlights:

  • Deet Free
  • 20% picaridin formulation
  • Non-oily or greasy
  • Long lasting
  • Repels all insects for eight hours
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About Natrapel 8 Hr Mosquito Repellent, 3.5 oz (103.5 ml)

It's about time - an Insect Repellent that Really Works! NATRAPEL 8-hour provides 8+ Hours of Protection from Biting Insects and Ticks, thanks to its Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-Recommended 20% PICARDIN Formula. Unlike ineffective DEET alternatives, PICARDIN is the only Formula that consistently shows Equal-or-Better Performance than DEET in Independent, Clinical Tests. Even better, NATRAPEL 8-Hour is Completely Safe on Gear and will not Melt Jackets, Fishing Line, and other Synthetic Materials. 3.5 oz (103.5 ml) size provides Protection for the Whole Group!

NATRAPEL Repellent provides Protection from Mosquitoes, Ticks and other Bites and the 20% PICARDIN Formula with its Recommended Concentration Guards against Diseases Transmitted by Insects. NATRAPEL Repellent also contains Water, Ethyl Alcohol and Polyethylene Glycol 400. The 3.5 oz (103.5 ml) Easy Applicator Pump Spray Applicator size also meet Maximum TSA Approved Size for Carry-On, so it's great for Travel.

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