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Lazer Stick Replacement Battery


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Product Highlights:

  • Lazer light stick use
  • Dive computer use
  • Small size
  • Lightweight
  • Single cell

About Lazer Stick Replacement Battery

Lazer Stick Replacement Battery
The Lazer Stick Replacement Battery is a light weight back-up battery unit. This ensures the planned dive is never cancelled at the last minute because of dead batteries. A Lazer spare battery is assured to maintain a light stick working with optimum illumination. This energizer 1.5 Volt EPX76 Silver Oxide battery is ideally sold as a single cell bettery. The easy to pack Lazer replacement battery can be carried, individually or in a bunch, in your backpack. The easy to replace battery will always meet an immediate emergency, anywhere you need it. This battery is sold at a low cost and can beat the exorbitant island prices offered somewhere else. A Lazer Stick Replacement Battery is the ideal companion to bring along to any diving trip. Never cancel because of the small things!

Lazer Stick Replacement Battery Features

  • Lazer Stick Replacement Battery
  • Single Cell
  • 1.5 Volt Silver Oxide
  • Size: EPX76
  • Avoid Island Prices
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item

Lazer Stick Replacement Battery Specifications

Optimal Power
Calculators & Film Cameras
Cell Size
1.55 Volts
Chemical System
Silver Oxide (Zn/Ag2)O)
Ansi-1107So, Iec-Sr44
Typical Capacity
200 Mah* (To 0.9 Volts)
Capacity Test
6.8K Ohm Continuous Drain At 21°C
Typical Weight
0.08 Oz
Typical Volume
0.035 Cubic Inch
Impedance (40 Hz)
3 To 10 Ohms
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