Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber

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About Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber

Key Features of the Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber

  • Modern Glo-Toob
  • Environment friendly
  • Affordable
  • Turn-on/off
  • Rigorously tested
  • Can withstand extremely rough handling
  • Streamlined, cylindrical design
  • Waterproof depth rating: 1,100 ft.
  • 23A (12v) Super Alkaline Battery
  • Lamps: 5 LEDs
  • Lamp Life Expectancy: 100,000 hours
  • 30 hours burn in permanently-on
  • 80 hours burn in slow strobe mode
  • For any dark environment
  • Inexpensive replaceable battery
  • High impact resistant design
  • Highly viewable
  • Colors: amber, blue, green or red
  • Switch: simple twist cap system
  • Split ring for lanyard or clip
  • 7 modes
Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber
The Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber is the answer to power failures, or when going on a long trek at night. This Glo-Toob stick is a switch from the old-fashioned chemical light-sticks, consuming only 1/50th. the power used by a normal tube. It has a convenient on-off button to further conserve energy. As it is rigorously tested, this Glo-Toob stick can withstand immense pressure and also be used underwater. It also comes with 5 LED lamps, with a life expectancy of 100,000 hours for long-lasting use. The lamp, if left on continuously, can be a source of light for a span of 30 hours. This light stick includes an Alkaline battery that is inexpensive and easy to replace. The Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber is a great buy for bright illumination and to keep your path well lit!

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.
(858) 715-2500

Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber Features

  • Waterproof to 11,500 feet
  • Powered by inexpensive alkaline battery
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Glo-Toob FX Light Stick:
  • Switch from Old Fashioned Chemical Light Sticks
  • Modern Glo-Toob, Protect the Environment
  • Stop using Expensive, Disposable, Polluting, Chemical Light Sticks
  • 1/50th the Cost of Chemical Lights
  • Turn-On/Off, Conserving the Energy
  • Rigorously Tested for Strength and Durability
  • Can Withstand Extremely Rough Handling
  • Streamlined, Cylindrical Design
  • Waterproof Depth Rating: 1,100" (3,500 meters)
  • Power: 23A (12v) Super Alkaline Battery (included)
  • Lamps: 5 LED's (Light Emitting Diodes)
  • Lamp Life Expectancy: 100,000 Hours
  • Burn Time: 30 Hours in a Permanently-On Condition
  • Burn Time: 80 Hours in Slow Strobe Mode
  • Perfectly Suited for Any Dark Environment: Night Diving, Camping, or Military Use
  • Inexpensive Replaceable Battery and High Impact Resistant Design
  • Viewable from 360° and from Miles Away
  • Colors: Amber, Blue, Green or Red
  • Dimensions: (L x W) 2.75" x 0.75" (7 x 1.9 cm)
  • Weight: 1.3 oz (36.85 g)
  • Switch: Simple Twist Cap System
  • Attachment Point: Split Ring for Lanyard or Clip
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 7 Programmable modes: Equal Flash, Beacon Strobe, Slow Strobe, SOS, Pulse, 100% Constant ON, 25% Constant ON

Glo-Toob FX Light Stick Amber Specifications

Up To 80 Hrs
Power Source
Aaa Batteries?
Twist Cap
Burn Time
100,000 Hrs
1.3 0Z
Available in the Following Colors:
Amber, Blue, Green, Red
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