OrthoTote Bag Grip Non-Slip Shoulder Strap Pad


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About OrthoTote Bag Grip Non-Slip Shoulder Strap Pad

OrthoTote keeps your bag strap from slipping off your shoulder It includes special padding Makes bag/luggage carrying much more comfortable and prevent luggage strap aches, pains

How many times have you had to run to catch your plane, train or bus only to find that the shoulder strap of your carry-on has slipped off your shoulder, and not breaking stride, you have it perched in the crook of your elbow it's like your whole sense of balance is thrown out of whack by this bag that won't stay on your shoulder Worse yet, when you're finally get to sit down, you're arm hurts, your neck hurts, your shoulder hurts, and of course your back hurts!

We'll let you in on a little secret: That bag won't ever stay on your shoulder, at least not with the shoulder pad supplied by the manufacturer Want to know why? One simple word gravity, it's the force of nature pulling your bag down You see the shape of the human shoulder, no matter how muscular or powerful, male or female, adult or child, is a slope that works with gravity to pull the bag off your shoulder This was the way things always were until

OrthoTote was invented by a businessman, tired of the inconvenience, aches and pains associated with shoulder bags that invariably slipped off his shoulder

OrthoTote is a unique product that will revolutionize how you carry any type of shoulder bag It slips on the strap of most shoulder bags in place of the original shoulder pad, and in seconds OrthoTote's patented design prevents your bag from slipping off your shoulder by actually counteracting the forces of gravity At the same time OrthoTote's soft inner core spreads the weight of your bag across its surface, rather than concentrating the load in one place

- Your load is more comfortable
- Your bag stays on your shoulder where its supposed to be
- You are able to maintain a more normal posture

- No more stopping every few feet to re-align your bag
- No more aches and pains from slipping bags!!

- Travelers
- Students carrying computer laptop bags
- Mothers carrying baby paraphernalia or baby in a sling
- Attorneys carrying briefcases with shoulder straps
- Salesmen and their sample cases
- Photographers and their camera bags
- Musicians carrying instrument cases
- Fitness enthusiasts carrying bulky gym bags
- Occupational and physical therapists carrying equipment to home-care clients
And many more!!

OrthoTote Bag Grip Non-Slip Shoulder Strap Pad Features

  • OrthoTote is ideal for:
  • Travelers, Students carrying computer notebook bags, Mothers carrying baby paraphernalia, Attorneys carrying briefcases on shoulder straps, Salesmen and their sample cases, Photographers and their camera bags, Musicians carrying instrument cases, Fitness fanatics carrying bulky gym bags.
  • Occupational and physical therapists carrying equipment to home-care clients, and many many more!!

OrthoTote Bag Grip Non-Slip Shoulder Strap Pad Specifications

Available in the Following Colors:
Black, Yellow
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