Airhead Aqua Zooka Quick Fill Water Bazooka

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  • High-impact thermoplastics
  • 60 ft. range
  • Comfortable EVA handle
  • Various sizes
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About Airhead Aqua Zooka Quick Fill Water Bazooka

Airhead Aqua Zooka Quick Fill Water Bazooka:
The Airhead Aqua Zooka is a great toy that offers you and your kids with lots of water-filled fun! Choose from 3 different barrel sizes: 18 , 24 or 32 (45.72 cm, 61 cm or 81.3 cm) lengths, and enjoy soaking down friends and family. This bazooka can shoot up to 60 (18.3 meters), a long range that even adds to the excitement. The EVA handle is very comfortable to hold. Its EVA handle also keeps the Aqua Zooka floating when placed in water. The Aqua Zooka is made of high-impact thermoplastics so it does not break easily if you happen to drop it. Simply dip Aqua Zooka into the water and pull back on the handle to siphon water up into the barrel and you're ready to fire! The Airhead Aqua Zooka can also be used as a as a bilge pump or household siphon, making it very versatile.

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