Adidas Slopecruiser CP Boots for Men

Black/Ray Green

sale Adidas Slopecruiser CP Boots for Men

Product Highlights:

  • CLIMAPROOF membrane
  • Waterproof protection
  • Trouser protection system
  • Heel clip holds pants
  • Durable materials

Adidas Slopecruiser CP Boots for Men Features

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Adidas Slopecruiser CP Boots for Men
The Adidas Slopecruiser CP Boots for Men offer superb comfort, sleek design, and extreme durability, great for your long and arduous hiking trips. These boots come with CLIMAPROOF technology that offers a water-resistant coating to guard your feet in wet conditions, keeping it warm and cozy at all times. Additionally, the boots weigh only 16 oz., making it suitable for long walks and trips. With its Trouser Protection System, you can make use of the built-in reliable heel clips to keep your pants in place. The boots are made with very strong and durable materials so you can wear them over and over. The boots also has TRAXION technology which increases your traction on the ground, preventing you from slipping. The Adidas Slopecruiser CP Boots for Men is truly the perfect footwear that can match your active outdoor lifestyle.

Key Features

  • With only a 16 oz. weight, you are able to walk great distances without slowing down due to fatigue
  • Its CLIMAPROOF technology ensures that your feet will always be protected from wet weather conditions
  • The Trouser Protection System uses heel clips to keep your pants in place at all times for added comfort
  • These boots deliver long-lasting use, since they are made with strong and durable materials
  • With the TRAXION technology, you get enhanced grip even in wet conditions