Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight 3oz.

Adventure Medical Kits
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  • DryFlex Waterproof casing
  • Printed labels of contents
  • Bandage materials
  • 11 Pre-cut and shaped moleskins
  • Splinter picker/tick remover forceps

About Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight 3oz.

Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight and Watertight .3 First-Aid Kit
The Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight and Watertight .3 First-Aid Kit lets you be prepared for any emergencies in the outdoors. It offers a set of essentials, all encased in a sealed, DryFlex waterproof casing. An array of bandages, dressings, and gauze allows you to mend cuts, scrapes, and other wounds. With pre-cut and shaped moleskins, you can treat blisters and burns. The medical kit also includes a splinter picker/tick remover forceps, medications for insect bites, allergies, and pains, ointments, and antiseptic tools. Each supply comes with a printed label so you'll know which to use. This medical kit is lightweight, so it's easy to bring along your hiking, trekking, skiing, and other backcountry trips. Take the Adventure Medical Kits - Ultralight and Watertight .3 First-Aid Kit with you and always be ready for anything.

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight 3oz. Features

  • This ultralight and watertight first-aid kit will help you treat any minor injuries or health issues you might have during your trips
  • Its 3 oz. weight makes this kit convenient and very light to carry
  • The first-aid kit won't take up much space in your bakckpack since it comes in a compact design
  • Its DryFlex waterproof material case ensures that the contents are in optimal conditions since there is no way water will get inside it
  • It contains enough supplies for 1 person on a 1-2 day trip so you know that you are prepared for any minor medical emergency that may occur
  • The content list is printed on the case, making it easy to know what you are carrying
  • This kit includes bandage materials that will aid you in treating any minor cuts, burns, or bruises
  • In case of blisters you get 1 moleskin, pre-cut and shaped (11 pieces) to handle them
  • There is 1 splinter picker and tick remover forceps to assist you with the removal of unwanted objects or insects
  • It also has medications like antihistamine and ibuprofen to help you with any aches, pain, or allergies that might be develop during the trip
  • The first-aid kit has after cuts and scrapes antiseptic wipes, alcohol swabs, tape, and antibiotic ointments to assist you in handling any small wounds

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight 3oz. Specifications

Group Size
1 Person
Trip Duration
1-2 Days
Packed Length
Packed Width
Package Depth
Packed Weight
0.145 Lb
Case Material
Dryflex Waterproof Material
Wound Care
Weight [with packaging]
0.2 lb
Mfr #
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