Adventure Medical SAM Splint Original

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  • Adventure Medical SAM Splint
  • Thin Pliable Aluminum and Closed-Cell Foam
  • Strong, supportive, easily bendable
  • Not affected by heat, cold, altitude
  • Emergency kit for outdoor activities
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About Adventure Medical SAM Splint Original

The SAM SPLINT is built from a thin core of aluminum alloy, sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. Freshly unrolled from storage, the splint is extremely pliable. Bent into any of three simple curves, it becomes extremely strong and supportive for any fractured or injured limb. The splint is not affected by heat, cold or altitude, is compatible with all standard cleaning solutions and can be rolled or folded for easy storage in emergency kits or backpacks.

This waterproof, reusable splint is also Radiolucent, meaning it does not have to be removed for X-Rays. Splint is perfect for Guides, Outfitter Services, Military & Law Enforcement, Outdoor Adventure Program Leaders, Professional Rescue Squads, Remote Base Camps, Sporting or Concert Event Emergency Personnel. SAM Splint measures 4 x 36 (10.2 x 91.4 cm) when unrolled and weighs 4 oz. (113.4 g).

Adventure Medical SAM Splint Original Features

  • Adventure Medical SAM Splint Original
  • Construction:
    Thin Core of Aluminum Alloy
    Sandwiched Between 2-Layers of Closed-Cell Foam
  • Splint is Extremely Pliable
  • Extremely Strong and Supportive
  • Must for Any Fractured or Injured Limb
  • Not Affected by Heat, Cold or Altitude
  • Compatible with All Standard Cleaning Solutions
  • Roll-Up or Fold for Easy Storage in Emergency Kits or Backpacks
  • Waterproof, Reusable Splint
  • Radiolucent: No Need to Remove for X-Rays
  • Ideal for:
    Guides, Outfitter Services
    Military & Law Enforcement
    Outdoor Adventure Program Leaders
    Professional Rescue Squads
    Remote Base Camps
    Sporting or Concert Event
    Emergency Personnel
  • Dimension: 4" x 36" (10.2 x 91.4 cm)
  • Weight: 4 oz. (113.4 g)
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