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This summer, shop for all of your swimming, paddle and water sports equipment! Our selection of water sporting gear like stand up paddle boards, snorkeling gear, and inflatable kayaks will keep you in shape, while our inflatable boats and toys will keep kids having fun for hours. Summer is a time for family fun in the sun and at we have water fun for the whole family. Check out our watersports gear today!

sale eGear Road Ready Kit


  • Practical kit with the essentials
  • Handy case
  • Room to personalize with additional items
  • Reflective material on backside
  • Includes: 2 oz. Emergency food bar
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$24.95 $14.96 (60%)

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sale Egear Survival Card Tool


  • Stainless steel multi-tool
  • Encased in hard plastic
  • Liquid-filled compass
  • Magnifier
  • Can & bottle opener
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$8.95 $4.46 (50%)

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sale eGear Para Zipper Pull 2-Pack


  • 2-pack zipper pull
  • 350 lbs. test paracord
  • 3.28 feet cord length
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closeout eGear Marine Whistle


  • Emits Shrill, High-Pitched Sound
  • Heard Over Great Distances, Over Ambient Noise
  • Waterproof-and-Durable
  • Pea-less design
  • Clip Attaches to Clothing or Equipment
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$2.49 $1.20 (48%)

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sale Egear Wire Saw


  • Stainless steel multi-strand cutting wire
  • Swivel points
  • Sharp wire
  • Lightweight and coils
  • Stainless steel
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$3.95 $1.00 (25%)

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