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sale Hawkeye by Norcross Handheld Digital Sonar


  • 1000 Watts of sonar power
  • Bouyant, and Waterproof to 200 ft. depths
  • Algorithmic programming reduces false reading
  • Fish reading from 2.5 ft. to 199 ft.
  • Water or air temperature readout
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$99.95 $20.00 (20%)

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Hawkeye by Norcross Hand Held Depth Finder


  • Glare-free display with soft glow backlighting
  • Displays depth and temperature reading
  • Air and water temperature readings
  • Adaptive software program, Easy touch user interface
  • Waterproof battery compartment
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$129.99 $30.04 (23%)

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sale Hawkeye by Norcross D10DX Digital Depth Sounder


  • Engineered to give precise depth reading
  • Accurate readings, easy touch programming
  • Algorithmic programming eliminates false depth reading
  • Full range keel offset
  • Oversized LCD measuring 1.65 in. x 8.7 in.
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Hawkeye by Norcross D10D Digital Depth Sounder


  • Accurate readings
  • Easy touch programming
  • Full range keel offset
  • Green soft glow backlighting
  • Interchangeable black or white bezel
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$99.99 $15.04 (15%)

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Hawkeye by Norcross F33P Portable Fish Finder


  • Easy touch, Algorithm eliminates false depth reading
  • LCD displays is polarized liquid crystal
  • Sonar sensor transom  and helps find in vegetation
  • Palm sized design, with storage bag and neck strap
  • 1.5 ft. to 99.9 ft. depth reading
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$89.99 $20.04 (22%)

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