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Ultimate Survival Sparkie Fire Starter


  • Ignites fires in most adverse environments
  • Grip is rubberized
  • One-Handed operation
  • Weighs less than an ounce
  • Made of Silicone material

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UCO Stormproof Match Kit


  • Waterproof match case
  • Windproof and waterproof matches
  • Extended length
  • 15 Second Burn time
  • Convenient 25 match box

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Ultimate Survival Delta Stormproof Lighter


  • Windproof flame, withstands 70-80 mph wind
  • Burns with clean hot flame at 2,000 degrees
  • Flame Indicator Window glows when lighter is ignited
  • Piezo-Electric Ignition System eliminates need for batteries
  • Water Resistant O-Ring Seal to keep water out

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