Emergency and Survival for Camping and Outdoors

What's almost as important as wate for an outdoors trip? You got it - survival tools! Get fully prepared for your next outdoor adventure with our emergency and survival tools. Whether you're heading to seclusion in the wilderness or taking or an easy hike, you'll be glad you brought survival gear like a space blanket, first aid kit and fire starters. Don't forget bug spray! For water sports, check out our lifejackets.

Coghlan's Survival Aid 5-in-1


  • ABS plastic construction
  • Waterproof match box
  • Liquid-filled compass
  • Shrill signal whistle
  • Fire starter flint

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Coghlan's First-Time Camping Guide Booklet


  • 32 Pages of information
  • Comprehensive shopping check list
  • Checklist on the back cover

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