Stoves for Hiking and Camping

Whether you're heading out to the campsite for the weekend or hitting the trail for a longer hike, we have camping stoves to suit your adventure. Choose from compact and ultra-lightweight backpacking and camping stoves and cooking systems to multi-burner stoves. Don't forget to browse our selection of camping cookware and camp furniture to complete your campsite kitchen!

MSR WhisperLite Universal


  • Hybrid-fuel performance
  • Patent pending AirControl technology
  • Canister liquid feed
  • Lightweight
  • Self-cleaning shaker jet technology

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Optimus Nova Multifuel Stove


  • Precise and immediate simmer control
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Aluminum pump and EZ quick connects
  • Patented quick priming burner
  • Burns all types of fuel

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MSR DragonFly Stove

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  • Dual-valve design
  • Three wide pot supports
  • Foldable 
  • Self-Cleaning shaker jet
  • Suspended burner cup

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Jetboil Sumo Cooking System


  • Regulator technology
  • 1.8 liter cooking cup
  • Push button igniter
  • Drink through lid

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