Camping and Hiking Sleeping Bags

Choosing the right sleeping bag can mean the difference between a good night's sleep in the great outdoors and a night of discomfort. Our vast assortment of sleeping bags includes mummy sleeping bags, rectangle sleeping bags, bivy sleeping bags, double sleeping bags and more. Make your outdoor bed feel more like home with sleeping bag accessories like camping pillows, blankets and sleeping pads.

Slumberjack Ronin -20F Synthetic Sleeping Bag - Regular Size


  • Layered, offset, quilting
  • Draft collar
  • Zipper draft tubes
  • "Arms out" functionality

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Slumberjack Country Squire -20F Sleeping Bag - Long


  • Two-layer, offset construction and differential cut
  • Draft tube along zipper
  • Material: 12 oz. cotton duck
  • Poly-cotton liner with a removable layer
  • #10 zippers with anti-snag feature

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Slumberjack Big Timber -20F Synthetic Sleeping Bag - Long


  • Slumberloft synthetic insulation
  • Polyester twill shell
  • Quilted liner and loose-shell construction
  • Flannel liner
  • Anti-snag zipper

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