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TYR Ultra-Light Snorkel Airflow Restrictor Set, Red/Yellow


  • Snorkel restrictor caps
  • Restrict airflow by 70% and 40%
  • Effectively increase swimmers lung capacities
  • Increased lung capacity
  • Two-piece set

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Head Quest Travel Snorkeling Set, Mask/Snorkel/Fin


  • Dual lens tempered glass mask
  • Low volume mask with wide field of view
  • Semi dry top snorkel minimizes water ingress
  • One way snorkel purge valve for easy clearing
  • Open heel, Compact sized fin

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Speedo Hyperdeep JR Dive Mask Snorkel Set


  • Wide angled tempered glass lenses
  • Integrated speed fit clip for easy adjustment
  • Interlocking frame technology for support
  • Built in snorkel purge valve
  • Contoured tube for low drag

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